FAST by Fin Kennedy

Etcetera Theatre, 10th and 11th August 2019. 

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“Fast – to abstain from food completely”

Cara has her life ripped apart by the fast food industry. When her classmates decide to take part in a charity fasting session, she seizes the opportunity to make her community listen to her and her actions

Enough is enough. The revolution starts here

Fast champions young voices. It mirrors the amazing work young people have been doing recently with Extinction Rebellion and climate strikes. It shows that young voices are key, and that’s why people should care

Cara – Nansi Love
Chris – Marc French
Harriet – Dana Collins
Jamie – Heather Campbell-Ferguson
Kasia – Ilana Lloyd
Kirsty – Harriet Nokes
Robin – Alice Gulliver
Saff – Maliha Virmani
Saj – Oscar Chandler

Ashen Gupta
Felix Connolly

Associate Artists
Anna Blackburn
Tobias Cornwell

Adam Skitt

Guest Speakers
Fergus Church
Alice Nokes
Ashleigh Packham
Alex Stenhouse
Louis Strong
Annys Whyatt