STORIES: Exploring Matters of the Young Mind

STORIES: Exploring Matters of the Young Mind

Everyone has stories

Tales that wash over you in a tide of inspiration, whispered folklore overheard in the corner of a pub, witty observations within a group of friends, the insistent repetitive voice in your head, the texts to your mate at 3am

Not every story gets told, we want that to change

Written, directed and performed by young people, ‘Stories’ guides its audience through a collection of tales, an anthology of experience told through the words, voices and actions of teenagers today. 

‘Stories’ offers an authentic look at the highs and lows of young minds today, reminding us all of the magic we create when we give people the power to share their experience.


Everything’s Not Okay
Written by Simeon Wynne, devised by the Company

Little Big Problems
Written by Aditya Manivannan, directed by Harriet Nokes

Written by Tessa Birchley, directed by Ashen Gupta

Drummer Boy
Written by Joe Miller, directed by the company 

Written by Ciara Wheeler, devised by the company

Tell Me I’m Pretty
Written by Alice Guillicer, directed by Cherry Eckel

Written by Cherry Eckel, directed by Maia Bourelly and Prapti Kunwar



Jay Lafayette Coward
Luke Berridge
Tertia Hastings
Jena Millington